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Multi-gifted Lauren Braganza, Los Angeles, California's own, is one very special 12-year-old talent treasure. Born with two fully-grown bottom teeth, ready to take a big bite out of life, Lauren's family recognized then and there that this extraordinary girl was destined to become a major star. Indeed, with every new performance and video posting, she is moving ever closer toward that sweet dream.

Blossoming at 11, she writes and sings her own Original Songs and has posted five of her compositions – "Into Pieces", "Invisible", "Every Step", "Music in My Heart" and "A Little Bit Louder" on YouTube. Playing totally by ear, born with that ability to perfectly duplicate any song she hears, Lauren joyously accompanies herself on the piano as she sings, covering famous Pop artists and gaining unbelievable popularity on the web, boasting more than one million hits!

Lauren is perfectly natural as a pop/ballad singer, yet comfortable performing in so many varied genres. “I like ballads because they show true emotions. A big thrill for me was being invited to launch the Annual VAP Run/Walk at CBS Studios, singing out loud and clear with our National Anthem.

Prime example of Lauren's versatility, her latest impromptu performance, at the "Allure of the Seas" Cruise Ship, where she happily performed at the "Schooner Bar", pouring every emotion onto the piano keys, singing "Someone Like You" by Adele and received an enthusiastic standing ovation! Lauren excited the audience with songs from Lady Gaga, Adele, Bruno Mars and Demi Lovato, including Lauren's signature, "Into Pieces". She had spectacular audience feedback and among the crowd, brilliant stars "ABBA", who were watching and adoring her with great interest.

Hollywood and Highland's Level 3 Club recently hosted Lauren as opening act, featuring Lady Gaga's "Born This Way", singing, dancing and wowing everyone! This energetic young lady is on top of every current sensation and sound, as evidenced at a Hollywood Launch Showcase event, performing a GLEE-inspired "Clique Happens" at the popular Barnsdall Gallery Theater in Hollywood.

“I love sharing my talent and gift of music with everyone. It's so much fun and I hope to be an inspiration to all kids, and maybe their parents too. My goal is to someday become a major singer, songwriter and performer, touring all over this wide world!”

Just where does all this talent spring forth? At the age of three, the budding performer began to display her passion and love for music, singing, dancing and acting. From the earliest age, young Lauren was ever-ready and eager to perform for anyone who would listen. Rhythm beating in her heart and soul? You better believe it. Ballet came naturally to Lauren, and at 4 years old she proudly presented her first public performance.

Legitimate theatre also holds a dear place in Lauren's heart. She auditioned for a production of "Oliver" and was immediately cast as one of the orphans in Fagan's Gang – a singing and acting delight.

Currently, Lauren is enrolled in classes to excel her vocals, dancing, acting and modeling skills, all in pursuit of accomplishing her dreams in the entertainment business. Just your typical kid at heart, indulging her spare time watching movies, TV, dancing, playing and hanging out with family and friends.

And who does Lauren look up to more than anyone in the world? “Everyone! My family, friends and followers are my greatest inspiration. They motivate me and help me reach every goal I'm achieving right now. I truly believe that practice makes perfect. Always work hard, no matter what. When things get in your way, just march forward and move along.”

Spoken with wisdom beyond her years, Lauren Braganza is definitely one-of-a-kind, in heart, spirit and talent!