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Nosheen Phoenix, Born February 21st in London, hasn't had the easiest of lives. She grew up being the black sheep in a very dysfunctional family from a stereo-typical background where wanting to be a Singer or an Actress or anything entertainment are simply out of the question.

She tried very hard to stick with the 'traditional' ways but eventually found that the more she tried to confine herself to these traditions, the further away from 'herself' she was becoming and decided it was time to pursue her dreams full steam.

She began Modeling and Acting for various Asian Exhibition Catwalks, Magazines, Pop Videos etc., but her place in music today happened all by accident in March 2002 when she mistook an audition for a band in Stage Magazine for a theatre job.

After a rigorous audition process Nosheen became one-seventh of what back then was a band called DeVoteD. DeVoteD was a mixed race, mix sex pop band that was put together by Al Malik, of Iconoclast Records who himself was pursuing his dream to create the first cross-over British Asian band.
The least experienced Singer in the band, Nosheen often found herself struggling with self confidence, as all other members of the band had been singing since they were young. This very thing was the force that drove Nosheen to transform herself into the artist she is today.

The band reshaped and regrouped over the years from a 7 piece to a 5 piece, to a 3 piece girl band. The band collaborated with some of the most renowned british producers/Songwriters and had much exposure on BBC2's Network East late night, BBC Radio, and Evening Standard newspaper, and were supporting acts for two of UK no.1 boyband "Blue" summer 2004 tours. It was these key experiences that imbued Nosheen with the skills she needed to grow as an artist, and the hunger she needed for success.

In 2008, Nosheen found her new calling in life when she met her new management team, Vamnation Entertainment, in New York City. She then moved to the United States, and with her managers help, was involved in major projects covering a range of aspects in the Music and Modeling scene. Currently, Nosheen is following her heart and moving more heavily into Acting, as this has decidedly become her biggest dream of all. There is a growing interest in her talent as an actress and this has begun to open many more doors for her.

Ms. Phoenix has spent the last 3 years developing her skills for a more worldwide platform and has recently finished filming her first feature film 'Confessions of a Womanizer' opposite Andrew Lawrence and also featuring Gary Busey, C. Thomas Howell and other great artists. This is the first of a lifelong career of movies for this passionate and driven dream catcher.
So watch out for this one. She calls herself the "Rebel with a Cause" and no one can deny the fire in her eyes. The Phoenix is Rising...