The Inspiration Awards Winners 2011[ 2012 Winners ]

The winners were announced and presented their awards at The Royal Hall on the 30th October 2011.
Abbey Curran Cheryl Hines Jane Goodall Ann Cooper
Most Inspirational
Abbey Curran
Most Aspirational Celebrity
Cheryl Hines
Inspirational International
Dr Jane Goodall
Special Inspirational Award
Ann Cooper
Michelle King Robson Anne Hathaway Lauren Cheney Abbey Curran
Special Inspiration Award
Michelle King Robson
Style and Elegance
Anne Hathaway
Inspirational Achievement
Lauren Cheney
Next Generation
Abbey Curran
Sue Chen Kelli Brooks Kathryn Bigelow Christina Applegate
Special Inspiration Award
Sue Chen
Inspirational Fundraiser
Kelli Brooks
I.A.S (Inspiration, Aspiration & Style)
Kathryn Bigelow
Inspirational Celebrity
Christina Applegate
Gina Keatley Carmelita Jeter Kelly Perkins Sarah Brokaw
Special Inspiration Award
Gina Keatley
Special Inspiration Award
Carmelita Jeter
Inspirational Determination
Kelly Perkins
Most Aspirational
Sarah Brokaw
Elizabeth Taylor      
Lifetime Achievement
Dame Elizabeth Taylor